Great Character #7 — Carrie White

I’m sure at some point we’ve all seen/read one of the various incarnations of the Stephen King novel Carrie.  Carrie, always held a small spot in my heart because as terrible as this sounds, one of the things I’ve always loved in a story of any kind is when the protagonist ends up becoming the villain.

If you want to check out any of the movie adaptations, you can buy the original Carrie here or the 2013 remake here.

I loved the way they did this in Carrie.

Observe, simplistically beautiful Carrie White:

Look at that picture.  Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent?  Well, at the beginning of the movie, she really was.

Sad to hear but, between being a late bloomer and her religiously fanatical mother, Carrie here was woefully unprepared for life in general.

Let alone the cruelty of being the odd one out in high school.

The poor girl was kept so in the dark, she didn’t even realize what it meant when she finally became a woman, if you know what I mean.

What always struck me about this character was that despite what these people had done to her, all the way from the bullies in high school to her own whacked out mother, Carrie was always trying to be a good person and to fit in.

Some would call her idealistic, while other’s would call her stupid, but I honestly disagree on that one.

I always took it as some innate sense of knowing what was right.  I think in some way, she understood that all of the things that made her life miserable, was simply the blow back of being raised by an insane mother.

She never truly reacted with rage, she never was truly a hurtful person.

In a way, it was as if she was far too good for the world and situation she found herself born into.

Sad really, people like that usually don’t last very long.

As the story progresses, some of her tormentors eventually begin to develop a conscience, and decide they want to be better to Carrie, and guess what happened?

She blossomed!

She started to get out of her head, and put herself out there.  She started to actually fit in and make some friends.

Bit by bit, she started to shed the crazy ideas that her mother put into her head and started to come out of her shell and become the person she wanted to be.

They really do love me!

It’s really amazing what a little compassion can do for someone…


And then, it all went bad.

You see, I said only some of her tormentors started to develop a conscience.  Most of them just ended up hating her even more.

So instead of letting her have her night as the Prom Queen, they decided to kill a pig and dump a bucket of its blood all over her.


And that's when Carrie decided she didn't want to be there anymore.

And that’s when Carrie decided she didn’t want to be there anymore.


The gym doors slammed shut and everyone except one girl was slaughtered by Carrie’s telekinesis, before she went home and finished the job by punching her mother’s and her own ticket all in one deft blow.

Carry White

Mommy, I’m home!

So sad, and yet so predictable.

I love this character because it shows that even the best of us can be broken down over time.  You never know who’s one rude comment/cruel act away from going insane.

I’d say all the school shooting we’ve had in the country in the past twenty years are proof of that as well.

Oh how much better the world would be if some people just learned some manners.

At least the survivors have the decency to be haunted.

At least the survivors have the decency to be haunted.


So as usual, what do you think?  Agree/disagree/think I’m nuts?  Please, leave your reactions in the comments below and let me know what you think.  I can’t wait to hear from you below.


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