Serendipitous Inspiration #11 — Kiss This by The Struts

Okay, I heard a new favorite song haha.  You see, I’ve always been a fan of what I’d call, “F*$# You”, Music.  It doesn’t matter the genre, or artist, if there’s a sense of getting revenge by living well wrapped up in the tunes I’m going to enjoy the song.

I have recently found a new one.  Kiss This by The Struts, and I’ll have to admit I like it for a few different reasons other than the message.

If you haven’t heard the song, then observe:

First of all, one of the things I like about the song, and by extension the lead singer, is that they band seems to be a crazy combination of the Rolling Stones and Queen.  Both bands I greatly enjoy.  Add in the fact that the lead singer Luke Miller looks like the illegitimate child of Mick Jagger and Freddy Mercury makes it in even better.

On top of all that, it definitely has that 80’s hair metal vibe that I have always enjoyed, so as you can see I think these guys are awesome.

Now, all that aside I want to focus on the message:  “Living well is the best revenge.”

I know, revenge is bad.  Hatred is like a poison for your soul and all those same lines from the “feel good generation” as I like to call them are probably running through your mind.

Well, to put it lightly, I’m not a part of that generation, so I’ll stick to my songs about rubbing success in haters faces, haha.

Outside of the very self-indulgent pleasure that I get from this, one thing that this impulse has taught me is that whether a person’s good or bad, most people enjoy a message like this.

Why you ask?

Because it’s human nature.  It’s one of those not so nice,  ubiquitous qualities to our species that people don’t like to address, yet every so often will indulge.

What does this mean?


Now let’s go back to the song for example.  It begins as follows:

Thomas said stay home, Get away from me, Saying I was bad for you, He got his way, I’m gone for good.

Now I don’t know this Thomas, or if that’s even his real name.  But whoever that guy is, he’s probably kicking himself right now.

Obviously this Thomas did something very untoward to these fine chaps, and because of that they’re done with them.

The only thing I have to say to that is “Preach Brother!”  I bet a lot of their fans are saying the same thing.


On top of that the, “I’m gone for good,” part adds a little extra push.  It’s a very empowering statement of, “I have no time for your nonsense.  I’m done with you be gone.”

So not only have these men grown beyond the pain of the incident, but they found their own personal power in the mix.

In one word you ask?  Wonderful I answer.

Listen, life is weird and messy.  People are going to let us down, and betray us on the daily basis.  The craziest part is that they’re not going to do it because they’re evil, but just because they’re human.  It’s just what happens.  It’s a fact of life.  Because of this, it’s something everyone can relate to.

By now I’m sure where you’re going with this, but I’m going to say it anyways.

Everyone loves a good story about someone rising up and growing through the pain of their past!  What they like even more, is when they get to stick it to all the haters and naysayers that were a part of that painful past!

It’s like this strange combination of validation mixed with spite, and a slight dash of apathy toward the offender that really just warms the heart in a very twisted way.

We’ve all felt it, we’ve all enjoyed it.  And if you’re sitting there saying that you’d never enjoy such a thing, keep an eye out.  It’s coming, you just haven’t felt it yet.

So what’s the moral of the story?


Now, I’ve dabbled with this device.  Unfortunately, the stories with it involved haven’t gone anywhere as of yet.  I’m still working on them and considering that they’re not connected with No Rest for the Wicked in any way, they probably won’t see the light of day for a while.

One thing I have noticed, is that this device works best for the protagonist.  Sure, it’s great for any character, but you have to remember.  The protagonist is the one everyone’s rooting for.  The hero who’s going to save the day.

While it’s good for supporting and ancillary characters, it has more impact for the protagonist so I wouldn’t overlook that dynamic if your story permits it.

Again, I want to say it again.  Only if your story permits it!  If it doesn’t and you’re really attached to the idea, then you have to rework things so that it fits perfectly.

Never try to shoe-horn something into a story.  It’s going to sound forced to not only you, but anyone who reads your story.

So besides my usual curiosity at what goes through your head at the end of the post I have one last question before I sign off today.

What’s your personal favorite song of my favorite persuasion?  Leave it in the comments below!

So what do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?  Think I’m nuts?  Whatever you’re thinking leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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