Great Character #11 — Tyrion Lannister a.k.a. The Imp

Okay, I know it’s been a while since Game of Thrones has returned to HBO this season.  (By the way,I haven’t yet watched any of the new season yet so please, don’t spoil it for me if you do choose to leave a comment below.)  But despite that fact, I just couldn’t resist giving a shot out to our boy Tyrion here, honestly I’m surprised I didn’t think of it before.

Also, this shout out also goes to Peter Dinklage, you’re a great actor man.  I hope you see this, I haven’t seen a movie with you in it that I didn’t like for one reason or another.

Now, before I get onto business I want to be honest.  Game of Thrones is an excellent show, and there are a good handful of character I would like to give a post like this to (like Jon Snow), but Tyrion made the list first for one reason.

Personally, I think he’d be the best king out of the whole lot of the lunatics vying for the throne, but at the end of the day, he’s just too damned cool for the job.  He wouldn’t waste his time doing the job himself.

Why?  A few reasons:

1. Hand of the King

When Tyrion served as hand of the king, he did an excellent job.  His mind is well geared toward political machinations and making sure that he’s always on top.  You simply could not fool this man.

He looked at everyone like a piece on a chess board and wasn’t afraid to move them all along as he saw fit.  From rooting out spies will false information, to making sure he kept the right friends at the right times, Tyrion did not play around.

Tyrion Hand of the King

The man, the myth, the legend…

I think this stood out more because at the time Geoffrey was king, and to be honest, I hated that little punk.  Nothing made me happier than when he ran headlong into that pigeon pie with a wine chaser.    What I loved about their dynamic is that despite how much the little maniac hated his uncle, Tyrion was never fazed, instead he reveled in it.  He knew his nephew couldn’t stand him, which would make the lunatic even crazier and be that much easier to manipulate, and basically keep in the dark while Tyrion got everything done.

This is essential because in my opinion, kings aren’t there to get things done.  They’re there to be a figure head, a consolidation of authority.  They’re not there to steal the show, so to speak.

This also leads me to my next point.

2.  His Presence

I’m going to come out and say it.  Tyrion’s a dwarf, hence his nickname the Imp.  What I love about him being a dwarf is that despite being half the size of everyone else, his presence not only fills the room, but over takes everyone else’s.

Tyrion's Swag

Swag for days…

I remember countless times when he’d stroll into a room, and no matter how tense or strained everything was, I’d smile immediately once his cocky smirk showed up.  You could see this in the adverse reactions he got from most of his family.  To me it’s the sign of a man who realized his presence has a certain power.  Maybe it’s not a power he particularly likes, but at the same time he’s going to use it.

All he would have to do is walk into a room in good spirits and his usually unflappable father Tywin Lannister would immediately begin grinding his teeth.  The man hid it well, but it was clear that he was bothered in the deepest of ways; which then leads me straight into my final point:

3.  Brass Balls

Again, despite being half the size of everyone else, Tyrion’s got the biggest set of them all.  Time and time again, he had no problem defying and challenging anyone he so chose to.  I especially enjoyed it when he would ruin his father’s day (that prick was far too pompous in my opinion), followed closely by the ruination of Circe’s calm.

All their rage, threats and legitimate power over him rarely hampered him.  And in the moment it did, what did he do?

Finally got some well placed revenge.

Brass Balls

An accurate representation, I promise.

True, I know the saying, “those who seek revenge should dig two graves,” and all that nonsense but come on.  I won’t spell it out, but after what his lover and father did to him, I would have been more surprised if he didn’t suddenly get a violent itch that he just absolutely have to scratch.

Not only did he exact his vengeance (or in my opinion justice), but he did it as a parting shot at the civilized world that had done nothing but shun and mock him.

Now that’s what I call brass balls.

Either way, this post is starting to run long, so I’ll cut myself short here.

So as usual, what do you think?  Agree/disagree/think I’m nuts?  Please, leave your reactions in the comments below and let me know what you think.  I can’t wait to hear from you below.


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