January Giveaway Over, More to Come!

And with the arrival of February comes the close of my first Goodreads Giveaway!  I have to say, I’m pretty stoked about the turn out.  At the end I maxed out with 959 entrants for only 10 books!  I’ll be honest, I’m a strange combination of surprised, grateful, and more than a little hopeful for the future!

Congratulations to the 10 winners, whose names I will keep anonymous.  Not only is this a congratulatory post, but also a reminder.

Please Send Me Your Personalized Message!

I don’t want to delay too long on this.  If I don’t hear from the winners by Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2017, I’ll write you a message of my own and ship it out as I want you all to get your copies ASAP!

For the rest of the entrants who didn’t win and wanted a copy with a personalized message, you can go to No Rest for the Wicked’s page, and click Five Count Publishing’s logo.  They have the option of entering a personal message (with a 50-character limit) at checkout with your purchase which I will be more than happy to inscribe for you on your fresh new copy.

To wrap everything up, I again just wanted to express my gratitude for being so interested in my book.  Thank you very much.


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The photos used in this post were used with permission by the owner.

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