Review of “Dead Cell” by Chris Johnson

For the sake of transparency, I want to disclose that I received a free copy of this book for an HONEST review.


After reading Dead Cell by Chris Johnson I have only one question for all of you:

When you hear the word, “psychic”, what images come to mind?

An old gypsy woman, sitting at a crushed velvet covered table gazing into a crystal ball?  Or maybe you think of a television personality, transmitting the unheard messages of those who’ve gone onto the great beyond?

Well, whatever image you’re conjuring right now, I imagine it looks nothing like private investigator Craig Ramsey, an intriguing combination of James Bond and James Dean with psychic abilities thrown into the mix.  And, once his niece Debra becomes a victim in a string of mysterious and deadly car accidents, he begins to put those powers to good use — much to the chagrin of the deadly duo orchestrating these moments in the quiet Australian city of Statton.

Johnson’s use of this awesome protagonist is only amplified by his diverse writing style.  Sometimes he’s blunt to the point of almost being graphic, other times he’s witty and flippant.  What I enjoyed most about his style is that it reflected the personalities of the characters being featured on the page, infusing it with the character’s spirit.

I don’t want to reveal much about the story and all of its excellent features because, honestly, I want you all to experience them for yourself uninhibited by my words, but I will say that  Johnson does some very interesting things when it comes to the supernatural and psychic abilities.  They’re done in such a simplistic and unique way, he actually had me wondering why no one had ever thought of it before.  Even the elements that I have seen before were well done with his own unique style and interpretation.

From the excellent characters, to the interesting story and the new twists on old twists all over his book, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what Dead Cell by Chris Johnson has to offer.

Pick yourself up a copy, you won’t regret it.

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The photos used in this post were used with permission by the owner.

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