Writing Coach

Are you an aspiring author or screenwriter who dreams of filling page after page with stories that you create, yet are unsure of how to begin?  

Have you started a manuscript and hit a wall, unsure of how to proceed?  

As a fellow writer, I understand the frustration of pawing around in the dark, hoping you’re searching in the right direction as you discover and develop your own unique voice and vision.  Because of these experiences, I wish to offer my services to those on their own journey.

As your coach I will:

  • Motivate you on your writing journey.

  • Identify any blind spots or inconsistencies in your narrative.

  • Coach you to decide the theme and tone of your writing.

  • Coach you in the development of your characters to their fullest.

  • Push you to finish any project you begin.

If interested in my services, please refer to my Packages and Fees to see the different approaches possible for our coach-client relationship.

Also, please feel free to peruse the Coaching category in my blog’s archive for a taste of what I have to offer you.

I hope to hear from you soon.