Writing Samples

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An Unsung Hero Sample

When a highly trained and brutal assassin decides to use his deadly skills to save a post apocalyptic world instead of destroy it, he’s faced with an all-important question.  What does the world need more, a hero or a symbol?

The Prodigal Son Sample

When Eric Masters, the guilt-ridden heir apparent of Antiva Inc., is made an offer by Cheryl Devereaux, an old flame turned reporter, to tell his unlikely story, “the right way”, he faces a choice:  He can either let go of the past, or let it poison his future forever.

Transparency Sample

After an aspiring artist trapped in an abusive marriage is seduced by her alluring and enigmatic photographer step-son, she’s faced with a terrifying dilemma:  How far into the abyss is she willing to gaze for the life she so desperately craves?